We have a range of products to suite most requirements. Made from food grade poly that is UV stabilised and rust free for life! Please watch our video on how to set up an Aquaponic system or the slide show  Rob's Aquaponic system. These can be used as a ponds or wicking garden beds. Check out the new range of 1100 square and shallow beds also great for Aquaponics!

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Built by Rob F. If you look hard enough you can just make out the fish in No 5! Thanks for the feed back Rob.

Here is an aquaponic setup from Woodvale Fish & Lily Farm. Installed at Royal Agricultural Show 2014. Silver Perch and plenty of veggies.......

Another great example of Woodvale Fish & Lily Farms aquaponic systems at Royal Perth Show. Marron, Barramundi and Yabbies all growing just for you.......

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Our new 1200x900x700 high table. Built to support our grow bed product above your fish tank.  With stainless bolts and brass nuts our products are UV stabilised, food grade and will NEVER EVER rust.

Surround with base

Code                          Litres      Height      Width        Length

AM-1500BOT-600     1200        600           1500         1500

Shallow Bed

Code                      Litres      Height    Width    Length

AM-15x9BOT-250   280        250        1500      900


Table (Grow Bed)

Code                            Height   Width    Length

AM-12x9-TBL               700        900      1200


1100 Square Beds

Code                       Litres   Height   Width    Length

AM-1100BOT-450   400      450      1100      1100

AM-1100BOT-600   650      600      1100      1100

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