Compost bins provide a cheaper and environmentally friendly option for your gardens fertiliser needs. Anything that has been living is ‘organic’ and can be added to the tumbler, this includes fruit and vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, weeds and other garden cuttings (no meat). Also needed are dry materials such as sawdust, shredded newspaper, dry leaves and egg cartons. The recommended ratio of green to dry materials is approximately 4:1 – this will ensure best results. It creates a rich fertiliser which can be very beneficial to plants and flowers.

This product is fully recyclable!

Composting Instructions

• Vermin proof
• 100% food grade
• UV stabilised polyethylene.
• Easy access screw lids
• All Brass & S/Steel hardware
• Breather ports.
• No Rust EVER! Made in Australia

Our Twin Compost Tumbler can turn 8 lawnmower catcher loads of material into organic, rich compost mixture. It rotates easily using the moulded hand grips to efficiently blend whatever organic materials you have.

Make your own organic

compost in just 14 days

We have a traditional compost bin at 180 litres this product is great for longer processing.

Dual 180ltr or Continuous
Compost Tumbler
930 High x 1200 W x 750 D Single barrel 220ltr Compost Tumbler
930 High x 800 W x 750 D

UV stabilised polyethylene compost bins meet all drinking and food grade requirements. The plastic ensures that there is no rust giving our products a long life, and easy cleaning. We use a percentage of recycled material to help save our planet. Standard colours are Black stand and either Heritage Green and Black barrel.

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